John Edward - Entertainer & Psychic


A published author and renowned international psychic, John Edward entered the public sphere as a personality in 1998 with the publication of One Last Time, his first book. The popularity of the book spurred it to make The New York Times Best Sellers list; Mr. Edward received an invitation to appear on the Larry King Live news program. His appearance proved popular with the audience. Shortly after the show aired, Mr. Edward made the jump to television, where he invoked his psychic reading abilities before a live audience. The show, Crossing Over with John Edward, enjoyed a five-year run and utilized a variety of scenarios to display Mr. Edward?s gift, including performing readings on random audience members and taping readings in a more private environment.

With his name firmly ensconced in the public arena, John Edward grew his career as a psychic through nationwide tours and additional book releases. While on tour, Mr. Edward employed his services as a medium in a variety of settings. Individuals booked private readings, which offered the most intimate method of communing with the desired spirits or family but, due to Mr. Edward's demanding travel schedule, the sessions were not always possible. Mr. Edward offered small group readings with 100 or less people in attendance, larger groups with 400-700 people, and seminars with over 1,000 in attendance.

During this transition from early to middle career, John Edward wrote and published What If God Were the Sun, a fictional book about a family facing death. One year later, Mr. Edward published his third book, Crossing Over, an autobiographical exploration into his career as a psychic on television and the resultant tensions. Over the next four years, Mr. Edward released three books, After Life, Final Beginnings, and Practical Praying, before starting his second television program, John Edward Cross Country.